To all clients and friends

Stamina makes today it’s 10th birthday.

Its the end of a cycle, and a beginning of a new one.

We started as designers and when we realized we had become managers.

But being a manager is not the purpose, as it takes us creative availability. 10 years is a round date that deserves reflection. After playing as a tuned band, Stamina now evolved into solo careers.

Each one of us wants to have time again. Time to give affection to each project. Time to research, think, draft, err, create, refine and again have the same enthusiasm when the project is closed and delivered. For this to happen it was necessary to change the Agency format into Author's work, a change that needed a period of transition that began several months.

From today, this transition is completed and Stamina closes to make way for Miguel dedicated to Offline projects and to David for Online ones.

It’s been a great adventure, it’s time to embark on another.

To all those who have made and still make part of this story, a big hug.


Lisboa, 10th February 2016

Miguel Santos and David Lobo

From now on

From now on the adventure continues, and with plenty of Stamina we will continue to do well what we like, with time to explore new ways, ideas and technologies.

Miguel Santos
After 10 years as Stamina’s Creative Director, Miguel continues dedicated to building Brands, Design and Creativity. Now responds as "Miguel Losh" for projects that chooses to work.

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David Lobo
After 10 years as Stamina’s Online Manager, David continues to design and build websites. Goes as "digital nomad" exploring new ways of working and living in countries around the world.

For contacts and more information, visit:

Obrigado a todos os Magníficos!